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power complexes
Power Complexes
A modular power supply system that can provide electricity to large industrial facilities and can provide significant savings during periods of periodic loading of the facility.

Parallel work

Most often the need to acquire an energy complex arises when the capacity of a single power unit is not enough to fully satisfy the power supply needs of a facility. Indeed, the Advanced Power Engineering systems used by the company for the automated control of parallel operation of electrical installations allow combining from 2 to 32 of the same / different power into a single power complex with a capacity of up to 30 MW, which will work equally effectively for the total load, both as the main and backup source of electricity. However, the flexibility of increasing capacity is just one of the benefits with the parallel function. When operating the energy complex, you get a whole set of "useful bonuses"!

The benefits of parallel power plants

Smaller weight characteristics
Separate power plants that make up the energy complex simplify and reduce the costs of the process of loading, transporting and installing the equipment.
Flexibility of use
One or several parallel power plants without any modifications can always be used elsewhere - in single-player mode / as part of a new power complex.
Reduction in electricity generation costs
Optimal load distribution between power plants maximises the life of the energy complex and minimises operating costs.
Power build flexibility
At any time, you can connect additional generator sets (up to 32 of the same / different power) based on the increased energy requirements.
MOT without interruptions in power supply
Optimisation of maintenance periods included in the energy complex, thanks to automatic monitoring and regulation of hours worked.
Maximum reliability
Even if one power plant fails, the system will automatically redistribute the load on the remaining generators which guarantees power to the consumer whilst allowing to repair the faulty generator quietly.

How does it work in parallel?

To work in parallel, they must be synchronised - have the same phase rotation, output voltage and current frequency. Specialised control panels designed by Peredovaya energetika LLC are perfectly able to cope with this task - based on ComAp InteliCompactNT MINT microprocessor controllers (Czech Republic), which provide intelligent control of load distribution, eliminate voltage dips when connecting / disconnecting to a common power bus, ensuring the consumer is provided with high-quality electric energy.

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