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Marine diesel engine
The OXE is the world's first high-performance diesel outboard. It combines the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines. It is the only outboard that complies with EPA Tier-III, IMO Tier II and RCD emissions and environmental standards. It is designed and built for commercial user according to commercial user demands.

Cimco Marine, the manufacturer behind the engine, started this project with the mission to design the first high output diesel outboard, the keywords were durability, endurance and performance. These words are now embedded within The OXE Diesel. The patented technology has enabled Cimco to design a robust drive unit that will effectively transfer high torque diesel power to the propeller. Combined with a modular layout, easily accessible service points, interchangeable gear ratios and proven diesel technology, ensures for a product fit for commercial use.

OXE Diesel is available in 125, 150, 175 and 200 hp versions. It offers an effective and safe solution for: governmental, oil & gas, rescue and large commercial applications, and also for small fishing craft, survey, tourism, yacht tender, taxi and pilot operations.
The power head, a proven robust diesel engine developed by the GM group, is marinised and tested by the engineers at Cimco Marine AB. The compact design of the lower housing enables high efficiency and high-speed capability.

• Diesel engine
• Low Speed Control
• Fuel economy
• CAN based helm control system
• Dual helm capability
• Joystick capability
• Robust modular design
• Low drag propulsion housing
• Directly replaceable with other outboards
• Quick shift capable

Key advantage


The common rail turbo charged diesel engine provides high efficiency and torque. This results in a powerful thrust and acceleration, with the capacity to carry heavy loads. The engine runs on a large variety of fuels: EN 590, ASTM D 975 No. 1 and No. 2, JIS KK 2204, F54 and F75.


The use of highly refined, modern automotive-based engine technology significantly reduces the fuel consumption and provides for industry leading emission levels and subsequent minimised impact on the environment. The emission levels are approved by EPA TIER III, IMO TIER II (MARPOL VI TIER 2) and RCD.


Diesel is a less flammable fuel and therefore safer to work with in hazardous environments. Robust design and quick shift capability leads to safe operation in fierce conditions. The OXE Diesel is designed to be safe in any environment.


Due to significantly lower fuel consumption than a comparable modern outboard, the OXE Diesel offers the market with an unprecedented range.

Easily accessible service points and a modular design create a user-friendly product. Interchangeable gear ratio allows for various operation. The reliable automotive powerhead keeps costs of maintenance and spare parts low. Longer service intervals ensure few disruptions in engine usage increasing operations profitability and productivity.

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