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Diesel gensets – from 600 to 2400 KW
Diesel gensets
Diesel generator sets manufactured by Peredovaya energetika LLC of industrial (commercial) class, providing ultra-reliable power supply to facilities of any complexity - both the main and the backup energy source.

Description and general data

Diesel gensets of PREMIUM series are modern gensets on the base of reliable European engines. They are the choice of professionals which value high quality, a long life cycle and 100% guaranteed operation of power equipment. It is the analogue of diesel gensets of leading global manufacturers as it has not only equal component parts, but also the same workmanship.
Package Variants + containers
Genset open type
Gensets in container
Diesel gensets on the base of the following engines:
Moteurs Baudouin
from 600 to 1000 KW
from 640 to 2400 KW
from 640 to 1800 KW
from 640 to 1800 KW
from 640 to 1640 KW
Max 600 KW
Equipped with alternator
Linz Electric
Control panel

Easy and convenient control of generating set is provided by controllers ComAp (Czech Republic) that are developed by "Peredovaya energetika" LLC. Controllers perform the following core functions: manual, automatic and remote control of diesel generating set, full control of parameters and protection of the genset systems. Each controller undergoes testing in a special testing facility.

Full delivery set

Each genset is delivered with the following specification:
Fully-fueled with engine oil and coolant
Operating manual, passport, test certificate and certificate of conformity for the genset
Engine and generator operating manual, operating manual and passport for control panel
Certificates of conformity for the genset components
Service book

Gensets components:

Diesel engine
Control panel
Cooling system radiator
Reinforced welded frame
Fasteners for loading of the genset (lifting lugs)
Starter battery
Fuel tank integrated in to the frame
Anti-vibration mountings of the engine and alternator
Power supply box for connecting an electrical load

Reinforced frame

Gensets are mounted on a steady metal frame of a comfortable design, with integrated or detachable tank and anti-vibration mountings.


to 50%

lower than the price
of foreign analogues
up to 30 000

hours of
operational life
500 hours

extended service interval
up to 300%


Package Variants + containers

The basic variant of a diesel genset is so called "open" - the installation on the frame. For work of the "open" type Genset it is necessary to install it in a specially prepared compartment at the Customer's site.

In most cases, "Peredovaya energetika" LLC additionally carries out the packaging of the genset in a container or canopy and, if necessary, their installation on a chassis or sled.
Gensets in container

Types of Containers:
Container of "Sever" Series - from profiled sheet
Sea container "Sever-M" – reinforced, based on sea container
Features and advantages of Genset in the container:
There is a full-scale technological premises for the installation of Gen set with any additional equipment (additional fuel tanks, ATS cabinet, fire extinguishing systems, etc.).
Inside space is sufficient space for a comfortable working enviroment for the personnel with convenient access to the equipment of gen set
Designed for outdoor operation with minimal site preparation
Durable, hermetic design reliably protects Gen set from adverse weather conditions and unauthorized access
Effective thermal insulation to allows Gen set to operate in extreme climate conditions : from -50 0С to +50 0С.
Reduce level of noise damping - up to 40 dB (A)
Containers design allows operation lifetime for at least 20 years
The possibility of a long-term autonomous power supply to consumers provided that the container equipped with the system of automatic refueling and oil refill
The possibility of multiple, simple and safe movement of Gen set - the well-designed and rigid structure of our containers withstands the applied operating loads
Installation on the chassis of a tractor, truck trailer, truck chassis or skid ensures maximum mobility of Gen set in container
Gen set in the container requires a minimal installation operations and easy commissioning.
All containers are certified in compliance with GOST-23274-84, GOST R 53174-2008, GOST 23377-84
Containers for industrial equipment

"Kompania Dizel" LLC is the certified manufacturer with modern production facilities for the manufacture of the containers for industrial equipment installation. Containers built by our company have a solid design, consisting of an all-welded metal frame with additional rigidity bars (in contrast, for example, to the containers of sandwich panels, which have no rigidity bars). Such design is capable of withstanding operational overloads of up to 3 g. This ensures the strength of the container both during operation (protecting against external climatic and mechanical impact) and during transportation (loading-unloading and repeated movement).

The advantages of block containers manufactured by "Kompania Dizel" LLC are:
Ergonomic design
Provides optimal placement of industrial equipment inside the container and allows for ease of the operation, maintenance and repair.

The placement of the equipment requires no building or special premises.

Easy installation
For the container installation only, a sufficiently prepared foundation is required, in other words, the material and time costs for the installation and commissioning are minimal.
Protection of equipment
Vandal-proof execution of the container guarantees the safety of equipment, protection from weather conditions and unauthorised access.

Convenience of moving
Thanks to their standard dimensions (overall cargo), the containers are very mobile and can be quickly moved to a new location by any mode of transport.

Containers are designed for active operational use for 20 years.
Certificates and manufacturer's warranty:
Compliance with GOST 23274-84; GOST 22853-86; GOST R 53174-2008; GOST 23377-84
Certificate of flame resistance
Certificate of fire resistance
Seismic proof certificate


Warranty and after-sales service

"Peredovaya energetika" LLC renders the entire range of services of the commissioning, diagnostics, service maintenance, warranty and commercial repair of Gen sets, not only of their own production, but other manufacturers as well. "Peredovaya energetika" has its own Service Center. Mobile teams are ready to go to any region of Russia to carry out the necessary service, as well as to repair customers' equipment on its own facility in Tutaev, at the "Peredovaya energetika" LLC factory.
Types of services:

Commissioning and installation
Service maintenance
Warranty repair
Commercial / post-warranty repair
Diagnostics of Gen set
Modernization of Gensets, including remote monitoring
Supply of spare parts
Customer's personnel training
Consultations on the selection and installation of Gensets on the Customer's objects
Certified electro-technical laboratory
Manufacturing and installation of Gen set control systems, as well as ATS cabinets.
Service center:

Certified electro-technical laboratory.
"Peredovaya energetika" performs services on electrical measurements and tests of the components of Gensets on the Customer's objects during the commissioning of the equipment with the appropriate protocols.
Consulting services on any technical questions raised by the customer.
24/7 assistance
Service team is ready to go to any region of Russia and the CIS countries, any time of the day. Promptly.
Service teams
Consist of a mechanic and an electrician with high qualifications and extensive experience.
Trained specialists
Our technical specialists will cope with problems of any complexity, they have been trained at Gen set components manufacturers' facilities and have necessary experience and certificates.
Repair facilities
"Peredovaya energetika" has fully equipped special repair facilities for diagnostics and necessary repairs of Gen sets.
Original spare parts and consumables
During the warranty and repair work, only genuine original components are used. The work is carried out with certified special tools.

Benefit for customers

Achieved by using of specially designed
assembly tables, which
create the ideal geometry for each part of the
welded product
A unified planning system combines
the production process with supplies,
storage of materials and components,
as well as ready products.
Cutting and bending of metal are
produced on modern computerised
machines by Italian
firm Warcom.
All produced equipment tested at
a test bench under the load not less
than 110%, for, at least, 1 hour.
Quality standards
Painting of metal components made
in 3 steps in special painting booths:
preparation stage, painting stage
and then the drying
within a special temperature-controlled
environment. The thickness of
the paint layer is also controlled.
Production facilities allow us to produce
about 1800 diesel gensets and 900
block-containers per year.

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